Posted by: nierluap | June 22, 2011

1st day of Summer

Spectacular scenery is all I can say about today’s ride along with it being too long, 94 miles. Before any description, my favorite part was perhaps the finest chocolate milk shake I ever had. The Dairy Cafe in Bluff Utah, and made by Faye Bell, a 77 y/o woman and life long resident of this very small town. I will post her picture later on Facebook. The ride today loaded with severe climbs, through the best scenery of the trip. Starting with Monument Valley which begins at the Arizona-Utah border and riding through canyons and walls of canyons that used to be complete canyons. Then an unbelievable downhill into Mexican Hat, Utah on the San Juan River. Mexican Hat is named after a neat rock formation with a rock hat. 10% grades are quite scary going down and a killer going up. The color of the rock is like redwood and to try and describe the huge size of the “monuments” is just not possible, ya just gotta see it to understand. Anyway another downhill prior to Bluff (64 mile mark), the milkshake and you guessed it, a 20 mile uphill culminating with a 9% grade uphill for 1 mile, and a view of a snow covered mountain in Colorado. Finally arriving in Blanding, where Linda once again worked her magic for a 50 dollar hotel. Dinner at the Homestead steakhouse where dinner for 2 was $22 plus tip. Fresh trout, soup, salad bar, potato, veggies and iced tea, and it was good. Tomorrow is Cortez, Colorado followed by a rest day with a trip to Mesa Verde and the 4 corners. Total mileage so far is 832.I have discovered that my IPad will not allow me to download the software to create an album on Facebook. Thus I will post a picture a day and hopefully a short video. When I get home I obviously will have a gazillion photos to try and display.



  1. Hey UP, Sounds like this is more than you bargained for. And all good at that! Had alittle health issue, as I’m sure you heard. Doing great now. Tonya and I read your blog everyday. We really look forward to hearing about the people you meet, its great reading…..Take care, talk soon…….Jay

  2. Way to go! I look forward to reading your blog every day. What an amazing experience. And I really look forward to the gazillion photos you’ll post when you get home! 🙂 Hang in there, be careful and have fun!

  3. Every time I now have a chocolate milkshake I will think of you and of course how many miles I will have to ride not to feel guilty about consuming it. Thanks alot——- Spade

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