Posted by: nierluap | June 20, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Fathers Day 2011, was a good one. No bicycling today which was fortunate as winds approached 50 mph here. Instead began the morning with a pontoon raft ride down the Colorado from The Glen Canyon Dam. This is the dam that was built in the 50’s to form Lake Powell. The dam is virtually as big as the Hoover Dam, and forms Lake Powell from the Colorado R. It extends over 100 miles and is up to 600 feet deep. Without this dam and the Lake there would not be enough water for the Southwest USA. The Colorado at this point is usually smooth 20-50feet deep and the canyon is one of those things you have to see; 15 miles long; canyon walls over 1000 feet high, in some places 1500 feet high with horizontal and vertical slabs of rock that were formed more than a billion years ago.Going down the river, seeing the immense size of this, and listening to explanations of how this was formed makes one realize what a short time in the big scheme of things, we are here, making it simply impossible for our brains to understand and be able to REALLY explain how this all happened. Heck when the dinosaurs were alive the earth was one land mass. They lived for hundreds of million years. We think we know why the dinosaurs disappeared, and how all things we’re formed.

Being out here and seeing all this magnificent stuff in our country makes me realize even more, we are here for such a short time that one needs to see as much as possible. How many of you have been to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Crater Lake, the Rockies, And so many fantastic places just here. It helps put life in perspective to know that so much of what we do is a waste. I know enough rambling, but seeing all this stuff makes me just want to see more as it helps put my priorities in line.

Back to more reality tomorrow, and a potential 100 mile day to Kayenta Arizona on the way to Colorado, hopefully Wednesday night. so again if you haven’ been out here to see the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon ya gotta come see. Being in a Canyon on a 15 mile raft trip looking up at over 1000 foot high walls is spectacular. You will also find some really good food in Page Arizona.



  1. I’ve taken a small Dorie Boat exactly where you started yesterday several times on my way to living down in the Canyon. You are right as to how that touches your senses regarding how insignificant our life span is compared to the existence of the world and how spectacular our National Treasures. Good voyage this week. Just keep on enjoying the view from wherever you are today. Spade

  2. Uncle Paul, have been reading your blogs daily, sounds very cathartic, probably more so than you anticipated. Hopefully you are nowhere near the 2 huge fires in Arizona. Anyway, wanted to say hi, and Keep safe, and of course hydrated, and keep enjoying the view! Randy

  3. Hey UP, I too have been reading daily(nightly) and living through you! It all sounds so wonderful! Never been to Colorado; only made it as far north in Arizona as Sedona. Pretty cool there as well. Jacob went out west all over last summer and made it to the canyon and rafting as well on a teen tour, and David is going this summer…leaving in about a week. Glad you had a wonderful Fathers Day, and continue to do as well as you have thus far. Stay well, and safe and hydrated!
    Enjoy the scenery! xox Barbie

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