Posted by: nierluap | June 20, 2011

101 Miles AND Mountain Time Zone

Forget about all those fancy energy drinks. At mile 81 of my ride today and in need of energy I chose comfort food- cold coca-cola and 2 mini chocolate covered donuts. Ah yes, it was great and did the job. 20 miles later I cruised into Kayenta Az for my longest ride on this journey, 101 miles from Page. The ride today included a climb out of Page from 4000 feet to 6800 feet. Fortunately the weather was cool with a gentle north wind. Lunch was in Kaibito, Az at an outdoor grill manned by A wonderful Navajo woman and her husband on their gas grill with offerings such as a Navajo burger- 2 grilled burgers on a big Fry bread, with all the toppings or grilled mutton on a large tortilla, with corn on the cob, a baked potato, grilled jalopena, and an iced tea. I chose the later and it was delish. If by some chance you ever drive on Arizona highway 98 and travel by Kaibito please go there. All of this for $7, and lots of hospitality to boot. After this lunch the ride was full of ups and downs but certainly easier than getting there. Throughout this day the scenery changed often and when I made the turn to Kayenta on US 160 I was met by a young guy who proceeded to tell me about a biker earlier that day who was hit by a car. Thanks a lot, I needed to hear that. Finally arriving in Kayenta I felt like I have made some progress, we a in the Mountain time zone!!, along with being just 2 days to Colorado. While at the hotel we met 4 guys from Dallas on a week long motorcycle trip, including an ENT surge, good conversation. Dinner was at the Blue Coffee Pot restaurant, no alcohol since on Navajo land, BUT the best prices ever. Linda ordered steak and shrimp kebabs with green peppers, onion, zucchini, side of mashed potatoes, and a salad bar, all for $8. As for me 12 oz T-Bone, salad, baked potato, corn, rolls, $12.50. Despite being inexpensive, it was good. So if you are in this part of the world, go to those 2 places. Good food, inexpensive, and nice people. Tomorrow, Blanding Utah and Monument Valley.



  1. Would love to be there. Not sure I could get down the food even though prices remain a bargain. What time did you start ride today and what time did you finish riding? I didn’t realize Navajo’s land is alcohol free.

  2. You had me at the chocolate doughnut but lost me with the mutton! Glad to hear you are in a new time zone!

  3. Enjjoy reading your journey everyday. Glad to see you are in a new time zone and closer to Colorado. I agree with Lida not so sure about the mutton, but dinner sounded wonderful!

  4. you are in unbelievable land. two things you may want to consider.
    1) get weighed

    2) get a cholesterol check

    Kaiboto is now on my Bucket List!!

  5. Its amazing all the people you have met and how hospitable people are! Boy, get out of the big cities and coastal areas and there really are down home nice people. Glad you’ve been able to enjoy them. Stay well and keep going. You shld do an episode for either the travel channel or food network…Diners drive-ins and Dives. Ttyl,

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