Posted by: nierluap | June 19, 2011

Page Arizona, June 18

What a day. Grand Canyon to almost Page Arizona. 93 miles, ups and downs. There was a 33 mile spot that was downhill for a fair amount, did that distance in 1:35 which got me to Cameron a town of about 1000 and everybody must have worked in the Cameron Trading Post and Hotel. In the middle of nothing was the booming stop, with tour buses and even a WalMart truck. US 89 is the road and a busy one it is. Amazing in that nothing is close but this place seems to be a magnet.At this point I had done about 58 miles and the next 35 were a slow uphill into the wind. Since no hotels past Cameron I took the ride to Page for a day of rest tomorrow in honor of Fathers Day. Also tomorrow a slow raft down the Colorado, no white water, then perhaps a little golf at Lake Powell National since US OPEN seems to be a done deal. Dinner tonight a complete surprise at a Japanese restaurant in Page with unique items- a roll with steak and tuna, another roll with coconut shrimp and mango, and a cucumber and crab salad. Monday will be a long one on the way to Monument Valley.



  1. 93miles in the middle of Arizona! You deserve a rest day…have a great father’s day and stay safe! Talk to you soon!

  2. happy father’s day!

  3. paul,

    enjoy some rest on this Fathers Day, think of your Dad. He would have been mighty proud of you, as your family in California is!!!


  4. Had a small b’day party here last night. You were a major topic of conversation. We read you blog en masse. Greenie and Serman send regards. Rosen and I brought up French Lick, and Serman actually recognized it. Glad to know you’re doing well. We’re all excited about your progress, and we luuuuv the blog.

  5. Hi Paul,

    I have been away in Oxford, MS for my son Denver’s orientation at Ole Miss and have just caught up on your posts. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your grand adventure! It looks like you have met some real nice folks and some real interesting locals. The park attendant story was too funny. I am happy you have not posted any bike issues and the weather seems to be treating you well except for expected heat. I am also a believer in things happen for a reason and we may not know why but events in our lives are truly connected. We ran into an example this weekend in Oxford. Finding housing for Denver had been an issue because Ole Miss has a house shortage this semester. (they tore down a large dorm the same year they have their largest incoming freshman class – government thinking rears it’s head again) Denver received a call from a ad he posted on Craig’s list a month ago from a guy in GA that had purchased a house for his son also at Ole Miss needing to rent a room. Turns out the father played football at UGA with a high school friend of mine who I have not seen in 20 years and it looks like a good match for my son. You just never know when the lord is looking out for you.

    Sounds like the Rockies are getting close for you. Perhaps it will also be cooler in the mountains.

    God Speed and strong tail winds,


  6. Paul,
    We are so proud of you! We just got back in town from Ocracoke Island, NC and have just caught upon your posts. What you are doing is truly amazing and so very inspiring!! We will be with you all the way with toughts and prayers–also a little help from your blog. Charlie & Susan

  7. See if they have sea weed salad. Enjoy the rest day. Glad your downhill was not in the rain. Brakes are tricky when wet. Wishing you cool winds. Happy Pappy’s Day.

  8. Missed you at Mikey’s party. Everyone was so normal. I’ve seen all of these places, just got there by different mode of transportation. Beautiful. Enjoy. Be safe.

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