Posted by: nierluap | June 18, 2011

A nice day off at the Grand Canyon. Following breakfast a walk along the Canyon rim for 3hrs, then lunch and a little more.A drink in the El Tovar Hotel-a primo property here. There is something surreal about being here. It is so overwhelmingly large and impossible to fathom it is 4,000,000,000 years old. It helps put ones life in perspective and realize how insignificant we are. A quick visit to thank Xanterra for the comp 2 night room including a special thanks to Robin Carson at Kingsmill for arranging the stay, a little nap and back to El Tovar for a super dinner. If you have bucks and come here; stay at the El Tovar. Tomorrow on the road again to Page, Arizona



  1. Learned about your blog at Mikey’s 65th Birthday tonight. Just finished reading everything from day one. My endurance on the slopes is nothing compared to your present endeavor. I am in awe and most jealous. My woeful first contribution will be increased tomorrow. I will follow you everyday and pray for your safety and health. Keep hydrating and enjoy the journey, You Go Boy Spade

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