Posted by: nierluap | June 17, 2011

June 16, day 9, Grand Canyon

Well today I met the leading candidate so far to the you can’t fix stupid award. As we were entering the Grand Canyon the guy at the ticket booth said the charge was $25 for the car but since I was on a bicycle it would be $12 additional for me. I was right there together with the car. He said if you are not in the car- too bad. So I had to put the bike in the car, drive 3 feet, take the bike out and ride. 3 FEET!!. His reason was he was being taped and recorded. Surprise- he is a Federal Employee. OK so the day began in Williams and I was so lucky to have a 15-20 mph wind behind me so despite 2000 feet of climbing I arrive in 5 hrs with several stops for the 62 miles. Xanterra Corp who owns Kingsmill runs the park services here and comped me for 2 nights for my ride. Thank you Xanterra. For those of you who haven’t been to the Grand Canyon ya gotta come here. It is simply overwhelming in size, beautiful in color and makes you feel so small. California Condors have been introduced here and can be seen flying around the canyon. Tonight went to a bar in a hotel inside the park, but it was loaded with “locals”, cowboy hats, drunk women, an old guitar player singer, Elvis, the Beatles and Pure Prairie League. Tomorrow a rest day, lots of looks at the park and rest my tush. Back in the saddle Saturday and headed towards Zion National Park, but that is after a planned quiet raft down the Colorado from Page, Az. Up to 550.



  1. The Grand Canyon sounds like a sight to see! Enjoy your rest day tomorrow!!

  2. today was kidney stone day, passed and now gone. hard to leave a message. but when you see stone in the road, think of Jay.


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