Posted by: nierluap | June 16, 2011

Williams Arizona, June 15 nightime

Williams Az is one of 2 gateways to the Grand Canyon and the stop for tonight. Williams is one of those towns on the old route 66 and has so many throwback places to the 50’s and 60’s. Tonight they had a re-enactment of a gunfight at 7pm where they closed the street to cars, it was silly but funny. Dinner was at Pancho McGilliguddy’s, yep Mexican and Irish. They had corned beef and cabbage, along with BBQ ribs, chicken and fajitas, tacos and real flan. Burnout entertainer outside singing a variety of different stuff and playing evrything from Classical Gas to Maroon 5. To get here was another 68 mile ride, with about 4000 feet of climbs, but not quite as acute. 15 miles on I-40 which wasn’t too bad. Funny at the top of the climb to 7000 feet there were 4 vehicles burned out including a trekking vehicle, kinda funny since this burnout body of mine, the tortoise made it up. On the way I stopped in the town of Paulden to look for a cap to wear on the climbs because the helmet is too hot. Only 2 stores there, and no wearable caps, but a really nice lady named Laura who struck up a conversation with me and gave me her route 66 cap. Arizona has been full of nice people. Tomorrow I look forward to the Grand Canyon and a valued rest day on Saturday. Total mileage to date 488 miles, only about 2800 to go, along with the Rocky Mountains. Thank you to all who have been following and writing.



  1. There are so many following you! And I wouldn’t call a body that can attempt this ride a burnout…but pretty funny that you could pass the cars and trucks! Still trying to get some national coverage, stay safe and enjoy the rest!

  2. Paul, what an amazing adventure, and what an amazing uncle! Of little significance, I went to camp in Mayer, near Prescott. Godspeed, ride safely, if you get near visiting donor #1st we’ll be here.

  3. most people think you should keep a journal and take photos, Now me, I think this is material for a wonderful book. Yes, this is something to inspire more people to do something to help others. My cousin Sheri Schultz wrote me that if more people gave of themselves as you are doing, turtle skin and all, what a better place this world would be

    thanks to people like you, someday this may happen. . take good care of yourself, facelifts are expensive.


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