Posted by: nierluap | June 15, 2011

June15 morning in Prescott, Az

Yesterday was tough. Close to 6000 feet of climbing in a variety of overall terrain. Just before the 1st climb I pulled into the town of Congress and stopped at the side of the road near an antique store where the owner Ed asked me if I needed some ice and water. 30 minutes later with a gratis dinosaur bone I left after he and I had a wonderful conversation. I learned about him, his wife who he met in the Phillipines who moved to the USA became a physician, practiced out West and her untimely death from cancer. Prior to him learning my profession he told me about his hip replacement, heart surgery and asbestosis from mining all the while he smoked. Ed is 74, smart and a perfect example of someone you might judge by appearance until you talk to him. As most people in this part of the country he no like Obama. Off I went up the climb to the top of Yarnell hill, 2800 feet up to 4850 altitude and then unfortunately down about 1000 feet. I stopped at a small convenience store just prior to the last 18 miles that culminated at 6100 feet. In the store in this town of 600 people I ate my sardines, snickers and Gatorade. Believe it or not they had Vernors Ginger Ale in this little town. For those of you who don’t know Vernors is mainly sold in Detroit. There was a 7 year old boy who struck up a conversation with me and after getting in his car with his mom yelled out the window, “bye sardine man”. The final 18 was tough climb and down, climb and down. BUT IT WAS SPECTACULAR. Entering Prescott I found what appeared to be an idyllic place. Town Square surrounded by restaurants shops, bars and in the square a band playing music to hundreds of people. It was just nice. Dinner in the Palace Saloon and back to the motel- Best Western Prescottonian Inn, another place kind enough to do a room for $50. Off today to Williams and closer to the Grand Canyon.



  1. hey, sardine man,

    you will always remember Ed if you save that dinosaur bone–and by the way, if you run intio some Faygo Rock and Rye or Red Pop,, then you know this trip of yours was Karma


  2. Hi Sardine man!
    You don’t know me but my name is Tonja Jolly, (known at TJ to fellow TNT team mates). I got your link from Josh Wade and I just wanted to say hi and give you a word of encouragement. This is my second year with TNT. I’m training for Nike in San Francisco in the fall. My mother had a stem cell transplant from her younger brother last year. She has Lymphoma. She’s still struggling with fatigue and an extnsive recovery but she’s glad to be here because she’s truly a miracle. I will see her tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell her about you and your efforts. Thanks for all you do. I will pray for you each night for your safe return. Be encouraged and happy biking!

  3. love these posts…keep ’em coming. wish i could be THERE too!

  4. I love the journal and I certainly hope that you are keeping a photo journal of your travels as well. I hope you took pics of the truck driver helping with the flat and Ed and the places you’ve been and people you’ve met. I expect you to run for office when you get back!

  5. Hi uncle Paul. Its jacob. I am at bubbies, she is recovering from her surgery really well. It sounds like things are going really well and this is some terrific adventure. Keep up the good work, and we will try to stay in touch with you regularly.

    Love Bubbie, Papa, and Jacob

  6. Way to go!…keep up the good biking! 🙂 And I LOVE Vernor’s! It’s always available in Indiana when we go home for visits. I hope you’re able to take pictures while you’re on this journey…looking forward to a posted album eventually. Take care and be safe!!

  7. Hi, Paul, I’m Lisa Pett from Erie, PA. I’m a friend of Lisa Chinsky and she has been posting your blog on Facebook so I am following your progress! I really enjoy biking but have never done more than 150 miles in a weekend. I’m impressed by both your challenge and your committment to it, and of course the cause that inspires you. Keep safe. I wish I knew what your anticipated route was…I could send friends/family out to greet you!!

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