Posted by: nierluap | June 13, 2011

June 12, Wickenberg, Arizona

I left the great hospitality of Terry and Stuart Bass this a.m. and set out for this town of 6,000 people. The weekend again was great with them; along with meeting Daniel’s donor for his stem cell transplant. As some of you know I really don’t believe everything happens randomly and that there seems to be a greater force at work. How about this. Daniels donor is a beautiful woman who never could really find the man to father her children. She worked with this really nice guy, got married, didn’t get pregnant, signed up to be a donor, was a match for Daniel and donated stem cells via an internal jugular stick because her veins were not so hot. Shortly after doing the donation, she got pregnant. The great thing for Daniel is that if she was pregnant they wouldn’t have let her be a donor. He gets cured, she gets a baby named Grace, who told me yesterday (she is 4 ) she wants to be a paleontologist. Most 4 year olds couldn’t say it and most of you out there probably don’t know what that is. Random selection, well…..

My ride today was 71 miles; half on US 60 which but for the last 12 miles was a nice road. The last 12 sucked, traffic and bad bike road. That makes my total mileage so far at 355 miles, which is 71 miles/day when I ride and for the 6 days so far an average of 59 miles/day. About on schedule. So the hotel has here in Wickenberg, which is a Best Western is very nice, gave us a $50 rate, has peacocks that jump on the roof and squawk. Whether they do that or not all night remains to be seen. Tomorrow is off to Prescott where one of my resident mates has been living and practicing. I hope to get to have dinner with him, but will see tomorrow. Now time for bed, following yet another Mexican meal, this time shrimp fajitas which fortunately were very good. More tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! Thanks for the information! Would love to see Stuart Bass again! Sure do miss all of you guys! You have a great time, stay safe!

  2. well, there must be a greater force at work because Sid and Saretta gave you to this world.


  3. Tried to donate money but did not see link on this site. Was with a friend who was in San Diego and saw you on tv.

  4. Awesome donor story Paul for Daniel! So great that you got to meet her! Keep up the great ride and blogs….

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