Posted by: nierluap | June 12, 2011

June 11/12

PQuite an eventful day. 12 miles outside Blythe I had my 1st flat of the trip on I-10 in Arizona. My CO2 cartridge didn’t work but fortunately a really nice guy from Phoenix stopped and assisted me in the tire change and I bought his hand pump which seemed to work pretty well. I was really fortunate, and what a great guy. Next off to Hope, Arizona and a few interesting things on the way. 18 miles on I-10 today was quite exciting. I have learned in 4 days the larger vehicle the more polite, meaning the truck drivers are the most polite to cyclists while the little cars especially beemers and Mercedes are not as space giving. (feel asleep-continuing now Sunday morning)After leaving the 10 my next road was none other than US 60- yep the same road as runs through Newport News, Williamsburg and is Midlothian Tpk in Richmond, and the 1st 15 miles were simply the nicest as I wondered why, because absolutely no one lives off the road for a very long time. Wiiide open spaces, wind blown Arizona desert, so beautiful, so desolate and dry. 19 miles of this until Hope, and the best company name to date- PASSMORE GAS which is near Hope, ya gotta love it. From there put the bike in car and off to Stewart and Terry Bass in Phoenix wher we’ll stay until Monday. Their house is spectacular only matched by their hospitality. Steak and Salmon on the deck overlooking the city, wine and almost 8 hrs of sleep and here I am. Will be having lunch with one of Daniels bone marrow donors, hopefully seeing an elementary school classmate, bicycle service at REI, and more good dinner. Woke up with the driest skin on earth so I’m off to lotion land to get skin not to look the walking mummy. My tush gets a well deserved break today and prob back to cycling tomorrow.



  1. Great to follow your progress on the blog. Continued good luck!

  2. We r amazed at your progress so far! You r awesome! Working on donations for you and have gotten a few. Wishing you well, and a soft ride, Barbie

  3. no posts from you today. are you doing okay. looking forward to hearing more about your travels. hope you are well.


  4. oops, there you are. actually, passmore gas arizona is appropriate for you since you are an Anestioligist, who in essence, Passes gas!!


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