Posted by: nierluap | June 10, 2011

June 9, Day 2, Brawley California

Day 2 was quite stimulating. 88 miles today making 2 day total 140. Starting in the mountains (4000 ft), I had a day of contrasts from the mountains and out, intial 25 miles full of climbs and then huge downhill. I stopped at Live Oak Springs Resort 1st which was to be my initial stop yesterday, but I overestimated my abilities. Nice place in the mountains. Then it was downhill ride, of 4000 feet that included 11 miles on I-8. Funny I am chicken to ski down blacks and double blacks but had no fear riding on the Interstate. Also rode by the Cal-Mexico border and was able to see the huge barrier we have built to keep out illegal aliens. I will post picture tomorrow. Finally reaching the Yuha Desert and the little town of Ocotillo where I had lunch in an un-air conditoned bar/restaurant in the desert! Grilled cheese and tomato and huge Pepsi, yum. The rest of the ride was through the same desert and then the Imperial Vally of Ca. Hot hot hot. Roads in the desert were relatively poor. Finally making my way to Brawley, a town of 22,000, major industry is agriculture as they grow a lot of veggies here. On arrival visited the Walmart and drank some more, but overall I erred big time in not staying ahead on fluids. I guessed wrong that there would be places to fill up and I hope not to make same mistake again. Brawley Inn is where we are staying, they cut us a real good deal. Nice dinner watching the Mav’s beat the Heat. Tomorrow will be an earlier start. Anticipated stop tomorrow will either be Blyth Ca, or Ehrenberg Arizona. About 75 miles.



  1. Paulie: Keep up the good work. Proud of you. They interviewed another schm–k riding his bike accross country. He was in the area of fires in Arizona. Be carefull and don’t overdo it. Its fun to watch your progress. Go Mavs.

  2. am home and will continue following you on the computer. The pictures looked great. Keep up the good work and keep drinking. Love you, Arline and Allan

  3. have you found a starbucks yet???? that good Joe will certainly hydrate you. stay keeping us informed about the land of ours.’

    sheila and alvyn

  4. Wow Paul, I am SO impressed! Drink, man drink!
    I need you to make it back in one piece!
    I am so proud of you!! keep on pedalin!
    I love you man! thanks for all the detailed descriptions, very interesting!
    God bless and watch over you!

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