Posted by: nierluap | June 8, 2011

June 8-day #1

Wow, what a day. Prior to starting at 9 a.m from Dog Beach I was interviewed by Fox News San Diego with a nice little blurb later on SD TV. Getting out of SD is a little hairy on a bike but it was safe and quickly got into beautiful countryside. The day was one of many climbs, from the ocean eventually ending at 4000 feet so probably about 5500 feet of climbing. I will be quite tan by August! Staying in Pine Valley, Ca at the Pine Valley Inn Motel. A surprisingly cute little town, with a grocery store that had a bunch of kosher borscht on the shelf.It must have been destiny. A nice dinner in the only restaurant in town. What I learned the most over last couple of days is the rudest drivers in the USA are Californians. They make New Yorkers look like Stepford wives when it comes to driving. I was blown away by their driving.
Finally, many thanks to Linda B for accompanying me and her help for this ride. I have her help until 6/25 then it is just me myself, and I. Tomorrow off to somewhere past El Centro Cal. Today’s mileage 52, while it seems short, most was uphill.



  1. Finally, it begins. YAY U.Get better sunscreen- forget about being tan! Does it feel good to have 52 less miles 2 go? Tell the truth- U hopped into the Linda B sag wagon for a spell, right? Sleep tight- tomorrow is another day. N

  2. Congratulations on a successful 1st day!

  3. could have been kishka, don,t complain. those california drivers are from virginia and michigan, get used to it.

    Keep on pluggin.


  4. Sounds like you had a great start to your great adventure! Sorry to hear the CA drivers are so bad. I thought CA was a bike friendly state. Man, 5500 feet of climbing the first day! Surly it will make for some great down hills somewhere along the way.

    God Speed,


  5. could have been Kishka, dont complain., also those california drivers are all from Michigan , Ohio and virginia, get used to it.

    keep pluggin.


  6. Way to go dr. Rein. Enjoy your time. I leave for Vienna tomorrow on my on quest. Great picture. Hope you packed some bengay. Carolyn E.

    • great to hear from you. have fun in vienna

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