Posted by: nierluap | June 8, 2011

June 7th- the night before

Just returned to hotel after dinner with Jay, Tonya and Linda. I think everything is ready for tomorrow. Bike is ready, new computer, new mirror, flashing light, map case. Ride begins at 9 am from Dog Beach in San Diego. It will be a challenge with about 4500 feet of climbing. Life is very interesting, who would have ever thought when Jay was diagnosed it would be a blessing in disguise? It truly was an event that changed his life around. Out of a bad marriage, move to Palm Springs area, much improved golfer and now a nice girlfriend in Tonya. many thanks to Jay’s Mom, Sheila for her exuberance and energy to help me fund raise. Thank You. Fortunate to play 18 holes of golf today at Coronado golf course. A gem for the low cost $30.00, close to the city and on the ideal island of Coranado. Def sore on the left knee from golf. That’s all folks.



  1. Well, my fearless Maccabi rider, by the time you receive this you will probably be at The Four Seasons in La Mesa, CA. Congrats on completing day 1. The hardest part is over. It’s downhill from here.

    It’s very important to stay off the pork rinds. Despite their great nutritional value, they make you hold water, and we all know what you’re like when you’re bloated.

    I take great pride being associated with you in this endeavor, and am very grateful that it’s your ass on the seat, and not mine.

    Your personal motivational trainer

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