Posted by: nierluap | May 30, 2011

Snowy Memorial Day in Aspen

Arrived in Denver this morning, picked up rental and drove to Aspen. About 1hr out of Denver in the mountains lots of snow. I took Independence Pass which just opened. At the top it was 27 snowing, and in some spots there was 10 feet of snow plowed. Arrived in Aspen 38 degrees and flurries, got on the bike and rode. Maybe it got to 48 but every time the clouds came the temp dropped and it snowed.. People were skiing in Aspen today as still lots of snow.SO NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO WHINE ABOUT BEING TO WARM AT HOME!!! Tomorrow off to Las Vegas



  1. hey there! Just returned from Erie for the weekend and a side trip to Pennstate for Jacob to visit. We are sooo very proud of you and I am sending an email to friends for fundraising efforts. I hope it works and they come through for you as this is an amazing thing you are undertaking. Will be in touch along the way! Best of everything to you along the way!

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