Posted by: nierluap | April 7, 2011

April 7

Before my ride stuff, THANK YOU to Carrie and Barry Dayton, Jim and Lainy Noonan, Martha Kelley, Laurel Weaver and Kathy Fleser, for their fantastic contributions to my ride. Many of you know these people but probably not Jim and Lainy who are my oldest Williamburg friends. I met them in 1986 when we moved here and their daughter and mine went to preschool together at age 4. Kate and Sara are still friends, they were bride”s maids in each others wedding and Jim and I are perennial partners in Kingsmill’s member-member golf tournament being the current defending champions.

The last 2 days have been spectacular riding days and as I was off work full advantage was taken. Yesterday I rode 61 miles down to Contes in Newport News and back via the parkway, and today in even better weather did 34 miles on virtually all the good hills in Williamsburg. My butt did well and my legs are getting stronger. I have passed the $13,000 mark in contributions and hopefully will continue to be supported. Ride on.


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