Posted by: nierluap | April 4, 2011

April 4

1st and foremost a very big THANK YOU to Michael Markowitz, Alison Marie Graves, Sig Tan, Katyah Dahdah, and Lynda Johnson for their incredibly generous contributions to the Leukemia Society in honor of my upcoming ride. It was a nice weekend of riding, Saturday in Williamsburg was 44 mile ride and the best I felt since beginning, despite all the wind we had. Sunday was spent riding from Mt. Vernon to the mall in Washington D.C. and then around seeing the Cherry Blossoms at their absolute peak. There were a gazillion people there, more than I have ever seen. We road the Mt. Vernon Trail a 9 foot wide trail with one lane in each direction. It was like a slalom course with all the people, bikes, dogs and anything else. It is not a place to ride without confidence. n other news I hope to be in the June edition of the Health Journal that is distributed from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach. A day off today and hope to have my butt back in the saddle tomorrow


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