Posted by: nierluap | March 17, 2011

Why We Do It (part 2)

Jay is the one in the plain sweatshirt, with his sister Pam and brother Randy. Jay is the one with the story. Around 5 years ago he had some chronic abdominal pain and after a couple months at the urging of his mother Sheila he entered Cedar Sinai Hospital in California for an evaluation. He underwent an appendectomy and lo and behold when the pathology report returned it said he had Hodgkins Disease. Imagine that you go to get a routine surgery and BOOM! Other than being a little nuts between his ears, and neck arthritis he was a pretty healthy guy. He received chemotherapy with the last treatment being 4 1/2 years ago. Another 7 months and he will be 5 years in remission with a 98% chance of it not returning. Amazingly his golf game has improved since then to where he is now playing on an amateur medal play golf tour in California and is currently leading the A flight for player of the year. (Despite that he and his brother Randy were defeated by their father and uncle in a 72 hole golf match last October. :-)) Jay works full time managing an optical shop in the Palm Springs area and is an avid sports fan. Again from an appendectomy to Hodgkins. I’ve been a physician for 37 years and that is the only time I’ve seen that. THAT is why we ride, for Jay, for Daniel, for their families and the thousands of others with similar stories.


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