Posted by: nierluap | March 15, 2011

Why We Do It (part1)

Daniel 2011

In 2000 at the age of 8 Daniel was diagnosed with acute leukemia. While I am sure he must have said to his Mom and Dad what the heck is that, I am just as sure his Mom (my 1st niece) and his Dad, a physician were blown away. Their family had just been blindsided for no good reason and they had to get their middle child fixed and still take care of his brother and sister; and they have done a remarkable job doing just that.  Many trips were made to Cleveland for his care and initially he did well only to relapse a year later at the age of 9. He then had a successful bone marrow transplant that lasted until 2004 when it was discovered at a routine checkup that he relapsed and was given a 2nd bone marrow transplant (actually a stem cell transplant), complicated by a heart attack, stent and more! He recovered from that and eventually made his High School swim team, graduating last year. He is now a freshman at the University of Michigan, majoring in Sports Management and a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity along with his brother Andrew who is a senior there and will be going to Harvard Law School next year. He is a huge St. Louis Cardinal fan probably wishing he was Albert Pujols agent so he could resign him with his team. He also is a big U of M fan and hoping that the basketball team can win at least one game in the 2011 NCAA tournament and in the fall watch his school regain the semblance of a good football team. Go Blue. This is why we ride, run, walk and do triathalons for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; it is for Daniel and his family and the tens of thousands of others who for no good reason are afflicted with leukemia or lymphoma.



  1. actually, daniel’s first comment (at age 8!) was “am i going to die?”. from our reaction, he new it was bad but you’re right..he had no idea what leukemia was.
    you are great to be doing this!

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